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moderate sedation: Immerse Program™


There are thousands of incidents per year nationwide related to sedation - ranging from an overdose of drugs to a procedure that is started before a patient is adequately sedated. MSC’s Moderate Sedation Course is designed to strengthen your team’s competence and confidence when administering moderate sedation.

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Nearly 70% of surgical procedures are now performed in hospital outpatient departments, surgical centers, and doctor’s offices.
The Joint Commission (TJC) requires that hospitals have clear policies for administering moderate and deep sedation, and that staffers have appropriate credentials to manage whatever level of sedation occurs. TJC has found that 18% of hospitals don’t adhere to those standards.


MSC’s course is designed to increase and reinforce the healthcare provider’s knowledge of responsibilities and guidelines associated with the care of individuals requiring moderate sedation and may be completed by any healthcare team member associated with the care of individuals requiring moderate sedation. This course is suitable for all healthcare providers who administer, assess, and monitor patients receiving moderate sedation medication.

Accrediting organizations require that individuals who administer sedation must also be competent to rescue patients at whatever level of sedation or anesthesia is achieved either intentionally or unintentionally.


Reduce adverse events during procedures using moderate sedation, for improved clinical outcomes and reduced cost of care.
Meet Joint Commission training requirements for providers with moderate sedation credentials.