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The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is designating select U.S. hospitals as “Ebola centers” to receive these patients; however, every hospital should be prepared to screen, isolate, and transfer Ebola patients, while protecting their staff and other patients. The CDC’s updated Guidance for U.S. Healthcare Workers on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Ebola, includes “Rigorous and Repeated Training” as the top recommendation, in addition to specific PPE donning and doffing protocols, patient screening and triage, and isolation practices. Additionally, the CDC is encouraging hospitals to conduct full-scale simulation drills to quickly identify and correct issues, and ensure that the protocols are followed accurately and consistently. Are YOU prepared?

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MSC’s Ebola Preparedness Program is a turnkey training solution that allows hospitals to quickly increase the competence and confidence of the entire healthcare team in preparing to receive Ebola patients while keeping themselves, their colleagues, and other patients safe. MSC’s Ebola Preparedness Program will accelerate your preparedness and training plans to ensure the safety of your healthcare team, patients and community.

This program may be completed by any healthcare team member, but is particularly appropriate for frontline providers, including those working in EMS, Emergency Department and Critical Care Units
Remember the four I's of ebola: Initiate, Identify, Isolate and Inform. Think Ebola when you approach a patient. Always start the steps for basic infection control before assessing the patient for risks.


The program is delivered by an MSC Clinical Educator at your facility, ideally in a patient care area for maximum realism. MSC will deliver the human-patient simulator and all course materials. The hospital provides its own PPE. Each three-hour training session may accommodate up to six healthcare providers. MSC can deliver two sessions per day.

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