Compass 2

MSC presents Simulation Experts - the only Podcast dedicated to medical simulation. The podcast is hosted by MSC's Creative Director, Trey Cook. In each episode, Trey interviews experts, answers your questions, and discusses the lastest developments in medical simulation and hospital performance improvement.

EPISODE 1 - Stroke - "Time Is Brain"
Trey talks with Scott Bartholomew, a Clinical Education Expert, about how he realistically portrays a patient suffering from various types of stroke during MSC’s Mock Code Stroke simulation. During the simulation, healthcare professionals evaluate Scott to diagnose what type of Stroke he is suffering from and how best to treat him. (They also pinch and poke him a lot, but he never seems to break character.) Later, Trey and Scott discuss a recent Stroke training event in Prague and how simulators can be just about anything, even a piece of fruit.

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