MSC Demos Mock Code Stroke Program at European Stroke Conference

Posted on 6/26/2017
Author: Trey Cook, Creative Director

Clinical Education Specialists from MSC attended the European Stroke Conference in Prague May 16-18, providing immersive simulation™ to over 40 physicians, representing 12 different nations. The one-hour simulations were conducted several times throughout each day of the conference and focused on early recognition of acute ischemic stroke (AIS) symptoms and the appropriate initial treatment.

This event, in partnership with Medtronic’s Neurovascular division, was designed to showcase how MSC can help improve stroke outcomes at hospitals throughout Europe. The response was extremely positive!  

Our Simulation Expert, Scott Bartholomew, MSC Clinical Specialist (on the bed) played the role of the stroke patient. Wayne Moore, MSC Clinical Specialist (far right), facilitated the simulation sessions. Participants is this session included MDs (neurologists) from Italy, Spain, and the UK. The smiles indicate successful treatment!

For more information on MSC’s Mock Code Stroke Program, please call 888.889.5882 or email

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