Compass 2

Portable. Reliable. Beautiful.

These words are more synonymous with your phone than medical simulation, until now. Introducing the all-new Compass 2, the most sophisticated, portable endovascular medical simulator in the world.

Endovascular Programs Offer
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MSC's Endovascular Training Programs are designed to build your competence and confidence in Neurovascular, Aortic, Peripheral, and Coronary Interventions using didactic and hands-on simulation components.

Why Compass 2?

Unlike other simulators on the market, Compass 2 is a game changer. It’s not just a beautiful box. Compass 2 was designed with ease of use, durability and reliability in mind. Just plug in the power cable, turn it on and get down to business. It’s that simple.

Compass 2 is an exceptional sales tool. It has proven to cost-effectively accelerate product adoption by shortening the new product training process.

Interested in comparing apples to apples? Compass A.T. to Compass 2?
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The Compass 2 Subscription Program is the easiest and most cost-effective way to get your hands on Compass. There’s no intimidating upfront investment, just a simple monthly payment. As a member of the Program, you will enjoy being pampered with the latest software and hardware updates, online event scheduling, damage replacement, on-call support, free 2-day delivery and fleet management.

Pen Tool

Now You Can "Call Your Play"

Use Compass 2’s Touch Screen and On-Screen Pen Tool to identify an aneurysm, jot down an embolism’s length or draw your own vessel markers.

MSC Circuit Board

Go Fast. Get Real.

Compass 2’s high-definition screen, HDMI output, loud speakers, blazing real-time graphics rendering and physics engine bring your complex simulations to life.

Fingers Using Catheters

Light Touches and Heavy Resistances

Need a delicate touch for your coronary and neuro cases? Want heavy resistance for your pacing lead removal or while deploying your large aortic device? Compass 2 delivers.

Salesperson Walking Through Lobby

Small Profile and Light Weight

Compass 2 is low profile, lightweight and fits into a rugged, rolling case that is small and light enough to easily fit in your trunk or be checked on an aircraft.

Training in a Conference Room

Do Business Anywhere

Trade Shows. Physician Offices. Board Rooms and Break Rooms. Specifically designed for where you do business. Compass 2 goes where you go and it never complains.


Compass 2: Open/Close

When stored, Compass 2's monitor is neatly tucked away inside the body of the system for extra protection.

RESULT: MSC collaborates with Spectranetics to train nearly 800 clinicians in 78 unique simulation events in less than 1 year.  
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The simple-to-use iPad user experience enables you to jump in at any point of the procedure and target the most important steps in a short amount of time.

Ready In 90 Seconds!

Compass 2 takes about 60 seconds to boot up and auto-calibrate allowing you to quickly achieve and maintain customer interest.


So what does that mean, exactly? It means that Compass 2 has been tested and certified to withstand all the same atmospheric pressure extremes, temperature fluctuations, vibrations and impacts it may experience during its service life. Think cargo holds, shipping trucks and car trunks.
"MSC continues to deliver a great product and on a superior platform. I have worked with MSC for the past three years and they continue deliver above and beyond our expectations." - Jason D Gwilliam - National Manager Physician Education and Training Vascular Intervention - Spectranetics








The MSC Endovascular Training Programs for Compass 2 are designed to build your competence and confidence in Neurovascular, Aortic, Peripheral, and Coronary Interventions. You will work side-by-side with our Clinical Education Specialists through didactic and hands-on simulation components that provide you with comprehensive hospital-based procedural knowledge.
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Say goodbye to obtrusive cables! Now, using Bluetooth technology, our engineers will adapt your handle to communicate wirelessly with Compass!


Sit back and relax while MSC's highly-trained clinical team guides you through every step of the process. Our staff specializes in rapid development of Custom Education Programs and Simulation Design.
MSC's clinical team members are available to enrich and augment your existing training teams, product launch events, industry conferences and other events.  Learn more...

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